Master Course

P.A.Master Club was founded in the year 2000 by the original members who had a passion for porcelain painting and now we have more than 100 members.

Since the founding an exhibion has been held every year for promoting friendship among members and advancing techniques.


The club also organizes a Master Course every year.

In the past, membership was limited to certified IPAT Master Teachers and

Master Artists. But from 2007 those who finished this course will fulfil the

requirements of membership of the club.


This course proposes that the painters with experience will look to expand their painting knowlege and advance their techniques, based on the original textbook

under the supervisor of Yumiko Okumura.





☆ Qualification: an experienced painter


☆ Curriculum:   12 lessons

                       Painting 12 small plates,

                                 a large plate

                                 a ceramic plate


☆ Certification:  Applying for the membership