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Porcelain Artマスタークラブは創設22年目を迎えました。
ゲストアーティストとして九谷赤絵細描画でご活躍の見附正康さんをお迎えすることになり、またアメリカからMariela Villasmil さんも来ていただけることになっております。

会長 清水桂子

The 20th Anniversary Exhibition

We are pleased to announce our plans for a 2022 PAMC exhibition.
Porcelain Art Master Club has now been established for 22 years.
Since the foundation of PAMC, we had been holding yearly exhibitions until 2020, when we had to postpone the event due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
In view of the lower infection numbers in Japan recently, we have decided to resume our meetings with an exhibition in the autumn of 2022.
As our guest artists, we will invite Mr. Masayasu Mitsuke who is a well-known master of Kutani [red fine enamel painting] as well as a famous painter Ms. Mariela Villasmil from the USA.
We are planning to organize demonstrations by both artists at the exhibition.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how the situation will unfold and, depending on the evolution of the pandemic, we might be forced to change our plans. However, for the time being, we are hoping that we will be able to proceed safely.

President Keiko Shimizu

PAマスタークラブ2021 Web展示会

コロナ禍のため今年の展示会も中止となりましたが、共通課題「Travel the world 世界を旅しよう」の作品をHPに掲載いたしました。



尚、作品は順次追加をいたします。 会長 清水桂子



PA Master Club 2021 Web Exhibition

This year's exhibition was cancelled due to the Corona disaster, but we have posted the works of the common theme "Travel the world" on our website.

Although we can't travel as much as we would like, we have created works of art of our favorite places. Please take a look at the works full of individuality!

More works will be added as they become available.

The President   Keiko Shimizu