The 18th Exhibition

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        PAMC Exhibition 2018



                The PresidentMitsuko Manabe



                   Date:  13 September (Thursday) 10:00-18:00


          14 September (Friday)   10:00-17:00


Place:  Sapporo Park Hotel, 1F Emina


South 10 West 3 Chuoh-ku Sapporo, Hokkaido 


                               Tel: 011-511-3131


     P A Master Club



It will be the third event held in Sapporo. And we hope that PAMC in Sapporo will be informative for our members and offer a great opportunity to get a deep insight into our organization even for local people at the same time. Each of our members, including those living abroad, has been working wholeheartedly on their works for the sake of our organization’s future. 



A hundred of works, plain chinas with painted by various technique, will be displayed . A theme works of this year is “My Paper Bag”  bag-shaped white porcelains with characteristic paints on surface.  As was the case for previous events, there is no doubt those works will give awe-inspiring moments for guests coming with a lot of expectations



Demonstrations, booths for painting experiment and sales for hand-painted arts by our members will be also at hand in the event.


 We are looking forward to a lot of guests visiting the event and cherish each encounter with our guests.







the President Mitsuko Manabe


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