20th Anniversary Exhibition

It is a great pleasure to announce that the PAMC exhibition will be returning! 
The 20th PAMC exhibition will be held in Tokyo in October 2022. 
As a guest artist, we will invite Mr. Masayasu Mitsuke, who is a well-known master of red Kutani, and who will give demonstrations for us.
We are planning to organize also demonstrations by our members as well as sales of their works and white porcelain pieces.
Additionally, there will be sales booths with painting equipments by MITAMURA CO., LTD. and NIHON VOGUE Corp..
The PAMC has now been established for 22 years. 
We are excited to resume our yearly exhibitions and look very much forward to seeing beautiful and unique works in person after 3 years!
The president Keiko Shimizu
Currently, all foreign nationals need to apply for visa. For a visa application, it is required to show a “Certificate for Completion of Registration” on “Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System”. 



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