Porcelain Art Master Club

What is of most importance of painting


 Each of us are compelled to ponder on this subject

and also contemplate the freedom

to think outside the boundaries of tradition

          in our pursuit of original themes and colors

Dear Painters:


We are the Porcelain Art Master Club of Japan.


Our club was founded in the year 2000 by many painters ,who shared the idea of Ms.Yumiko Okumura's mission to transmit the porcelain painting as a valuable art to our next generation.


We are an organization of over 100 members who have completed the Master Artist program of IPAT in USA or the Master Course curriculum of our club for porcelain paintings.


We operatie our activities in theTokyo area, the Kansai area, the Hokkaido area.

And our members who are studying porcelain painting hold a diverse variety of seminars.



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