Porcelain Art Master Club

What is of most importance of painting


 Each of us are compelled to ponder on this subject

and also contemplate the freedom

to think outside the boundaries of tradition

          in our pursuit of original themes and colors

The 20th Anniversary Exhibition


PAMC exhibition,which had been postponed for three years, was held on October14 and 15.
We sincerely appreciate many people who came and made the exhibition a great success.
The demonstration room was filled with enthusiasm and there were enthusiastic question and answer session.
Also, there must have been many people who met at the exhibition hall after a long absence.
The porcelain painting world has been inactive for a while due to the Covid problem, but we are very happy to have become a place of interaction.
Next year's exhibition will be held in Hokkaido.
It was scheduled to be held in 2018, but I do not forget that it was forced to be canceled due to the big earthquake just before.
We are looking forward to seeing many people next year.

 The president Keiko Shimizu

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