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21st Exhibition

We are happy to announce that the 21st PAMC exhibition will be held in Hokkaido.

Due to the earthquake in eastern Iburi region and recent COVID-19 pandemic, we were not able to host any exhibition.

We all, as a member of PAMC,  have made progress through trial and error ever since we started to learn the painting, by holding seminars and workshops. It took not just a few years, but some decades!

We would appreciate if many guests could come visit the 21st PAMC exhibition and enjoy our works.

Beautiful paintings of landscape, portrait, animals and flowers will be available.

Also, at sales booth, guests can enjoy demonstration by our members and purchase painting equipments, a variety of handpainting works and white porcelain pieces.

It is expected to be really comfortable in Hokkaido around this time of the year.

So we will open up our arms and welcome all the guests!


                      The president, Keiko Shibuya

PAMC 2023 The 21st Exhibition
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