PAMaster Club is a private organization whose members are

                          very interested in porcelain painting.


Object :      Promoting friendship among members

                 Expanding skillful techniques

                 Making porcelain painting blossom into artificial arts

                 Handing them down to the next generation



Plinciples: Our club is a nonprofit and private organization

              Providing a pleasant field of activitie for members                          


Admission : On completion Master Course curriculum of our club(P.A.M.C) and/or

                 Completing the Master Artist program of IPAT

                 Learning a similar program with a Master Course outside Japan

                 Being a P.A.Master Club visiter(as a visiting member limited to

                                                             foreigners staying in Japan)


Club Structure : President


                        1.Publication Committee

                        2.Communication Committee

                        3.Convention Committee

                        4.Tokyo district 

                        5.Kansai  district

                        6.Hokkaido district 

                        7.General affairs 




                      11.Screening Committee